Twitchell's Airport & Seaplane Base

Family owned & operated for over 70 years

Seaplane Ratings

A cool summer morning ...  sunrise over the mountains ...
The glassy surface of a lake ...  50 miles from the nearest neighbor ...

A Seaplane rating opens the door to some of the world's most remote locations - experience that goes beyond anything you might encounter on wheels.  Twitchell's Seaplane Base has been in the business of training pilots for over 70 years.  Our specialty is Seaplane ratings, both private and commercial.

We are one of the few operations left in the United States that permit you to rent our floatplanes solo after your rating is obtained.  Our staff will provide you with the highest quality service arranging your trip.

A typical SES rating takes between 5-7 hours. After you receive your rating you can rent solo provided you have 10 hours of SES time in make and model and 150 hours total time. 

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Examiner Fee: $350.00

Twitchells Airport and Seaplane Base
Personal service with all the accomodations - that's Twitchell's.
Twitchells Airport and Seaplane Base
CFI Tom O'Connell talks with pilots from Germany, here to get their float ratings.
Twitchells Airport and Seaplane Base
Once in the air seaplanes fly just like wheeled planes.
Twitchells Airport and Seaplane Base
Lots of time is spent learning to sail seaplanes on the water.
CFI Ben Planert with a seaplane student
Pilots from France getting the plane ready for the FAA checkride.
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