Twitchell's Airport & Seaplane Base

Family owned & operated for over 70 years

Twitchell's Seaplane Base

Twitchells Airport and Seaplane Base
Solo Seaplane Rentals - Only at Twitchell's

We Offer

      • Full Service Seaplane Base
      • 100 LL AV Fuel at Base
      • Seaplane Rentals 
      • Seaplane Ratings in 2-3 Days (weather permitting)
      • Affordable Rates
      • Incredible Service
      • Lots of FUN!

Seaplane Rentals
At Twitchell's we offer C-172's on straight floats for rent - for a day, a weekend or a week.  Both 733MV and 734ME are excellent performing airplanes and a lot of fun!  All you need to explore Maine's 5,700 lakes in either of these floatplanes solo is 10 hours SES in type and 100 hours total time.

Customer Service
It means the world to us.  It is what we are all about.  This year we continue to build our network of destinations throughout Maine.  This way, instead of flying a radius around Twitchell's when you are solo PIC, you can take advantage of our exclusive seaplane destinations and make a real experience out of your trip.  Courtesy cars and local cabins on nearby lakes can be arranged instead of staying in the local chain hotels.  This makes your trip here that much more memorable.  Think of us as your personal FBO. 

Twitchells Airport and Seaplane Base
Twitchell's special arrangements are a must for the Maine Warden Service to do their job.
One of our special customers and his special airplane.

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